What is the Best Printer for Printing Edible Images?

Best Printer for Printing Edible Images

You can get a bundle of laughter, joy, songs, and dance from every celebration. If you are going to add up extra flavor to your celebration, you can think about using edible prints for your birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or others.

You should look for the best edible printers. They can allow you to make a great decoration without ruining the taste. In this post, we will introduce you to our top three best printers for edible images.

Top Three Best Edible Printers Reviews

Canon IP7220 Printer

This product is a wireless model. You can connect it to any compatible smartphone or tablet. It comes with an individual cartridge. Therefore, you need to replace ink when it runs out. It also allows you to improve and correct photos. There are a lot more selections for your expected images.

It offers a dual-feed tray option. It also gives more options for the location of the machine since you can select between the front feed and rear feed. The wireless connection allows you to print directly from the web.

Moreover, it does not require drivers to print from anywhere you want. It also does not need cable support. While it has the average output, it is sure to give you excellent quality of photos.

Canon PIXMA iX6820

This model can print images up to 13 by 19 inches. It can connect to a lot of standard smart devices. It comes with only one rear-feed tray. However, you can adjust it to load not only standard-sized sheets but also larger sheets.

If you need larger images, you have not to worry about dividing up the image just right. It is easy to set up. It doesn’t come with an LCD screen. Therefore, it just offers you minimal visuals as well as for instructions.

This model is ideal for wafers, heavy sugar papers, as well as other jobs getting clogged in normal edible printers. It can deal with larger jobs due to its tray design. The model lets you get different kinds of edible printing.

Canon Compact TS6020

This printer is compact. It has a multi-functional capability. Indeed, it offers you print, scanning, and copy functionality. It allows you to perform a lot of tasks at the same time. It is capable of producing 9.8 pages per minute.

You can set up with ease via USB. You can install the printer with ease. Moreover, the printer allows you to work from your mobile. It supports applications, such as Google Cloud Print3, AirPrint, Mopria10, Canon PRINT app5, and more.

How to Choose the Best Edible Printers

If you want to get excellent results from your edible printer, you need to consider a few factors below:

Detachable Components

These models use a special ink to print. It is stickier compared to normal printer inks. Therefore, after a few times of use, the ink clogs the model.

Then, you have to clean it thoroughly. It is essential to make sure your device has detachable components. Also, the model you choose should be simple to assemble.

Versatile Paper Support

It is impossible to stick with one sheet and paper when decorating food items. Some models only perform with the sheets that are provided by the manufacturer.

Some printers accept versatile papers and sheets, such as sugar sheets, icing sheets, rice paper, wafer sheets, frosting sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, etc. Therefore, it is great to look for the printer accepting these versatilities.

FDA Approved Ink

You can use edible printing to decorate your birthday cakes as well as other food items. However, there may be a tiny fraction of toxins in the inks. It can increase health concerns. Therefore, you need to double-check if the ink is FDA approved. You should avoid buying edible ink from untrusted brands.


Cartridges are available in two different types. They include non-refillable and refillable. For refillable ones, you can refill and start reusing it when they become empty. Moreover, you even can get Injector Syringes from some manufacturers to refill the cartridges with ease. However, you should not refill more than three times.

On the contrary, you need to replace non-refillable ones when they are empty. Therefore, you should look for ones that operate for you best. More importantly, you need to choose a new one.


If you get a printer with slow performance, it may affect your business. Therefore, it is best to choose ones that can print fast.


Before buying an edible printer, you need to look for ones with the right size for your working area. Your model has a rear feeder that requires the right amount of space to fit in properly. This feature also allows you to work comfortably with your printer.


You plan to provide your food items like cakes, pastries, cookies, and others to your consumers. You can want to provide them with beautiful safe foods. Above, we have just mentioned our top best edible printers.

Each of them is safe and high-quality for you. Now, you can decide to purchase ones to support you for a long time depending on your needs.

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