Picking A Pistol Type – CO²/Gas, Spring or Electric (AEP)?

Different Types of Pistols

As we all know, there are many types of Pistol airguns with a wide range of brands, origins, and styles,… So this article “Picking A Pistol Type – CO²/Gas, Spring or Electric (AEP)” will help you have a better view of some common types of Pistol airgun and through it, you can understand more about the different designs of Air Pistol and how they work.

  • Spring-powered pistol

Spring Pistol is a type of airgun that fires one pellet or BB at a time. This is a gun built with very simple operating principles that mainly rely on the spring power to propel pullets down the un barrel. You only need to cock back the gun and pull the trigger, so you have fired a pellet.

If you want to continue shooting, you do again. This is a rather affordable airsoft pistol line, the simplest structure and the easiest to buy among the pistol types, suitable for beginners who want to find something they can practice playing airsoft.

Due to the mostly plastic construction, the spring-powered pistols are not durable when used much, for this line is often used for collecting or just beginning to step on the airsoft world, due to the structure as well as cheap price and mainly for display, the power of the spring guns is quite weak, only about 150fps to 220fps.

  • AEG (automatic electric gun)

Basically, AEG Pistol uses battery power (Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Lipo), like RC-radio control, to make the motor operate lead to drive the inner gear in the gearbox, thereby compressing and dropping the piston in the cylinder.

The moving piston creates a strong airflow enough to push the 6mm BB bullet out of the barrel. This system allows the creation of effective capability to uphold the AEG’s Full Auto Shooting feature, and the actual result is a rate of fire of up to 600 ~ 900 rounds per minute or RPM.

This again shows that the nature of Airsoft Pistol mimics the “real gun”. AEG Pistol is the leading airsoft gun of choice in mock battle games. The price of AEG is also quite high (from $300 to $500 for the basic type for new players). Prices also vary by type of gun, material, gearbox technology, manufacturer, …

Depending on the shape of the Airsoft gun, the design and shape of the inner Gearbox must also be arranged to change accordingly, called Version (Ver1, Ver2, Ver3, …, Ver7, …). Details of the Version of the Gearbox, you can see more in the following article.

For example, the line of Airsoft guns simulating AR Rifle system (M4 / M16), HK 416, Scar L, ACR, Mp5 use Gearbox Ver 2; The AK simulation guns (AK47, AKM, AK74, AK 104/105), AUG, G36 use Gearbox Ver 3.

Gearbox Ver2 and Ver3 are the two most common types, used for many basic Airsoft guns and there are many repairs, replacement, and upgrade parts available from many manufacturers that are easy to find and affordable. It’s just like Honda Motorcycles and Toyota Cars.

  • CO²/Gas Pistol

Specifically, the mechanism of operation of Gas Blowback/GBB is as follows: Use the Gas cylinder to fill the Gas into the Magazine or the integrated chamber in the gun body. When the player pulls the trigger, the trigger will tap on the gas exhaust valve, releasing compressed airflow up above the bolt system.

This compressed-air stream will be divided into 2 reclinings, 1 part blows out to push the BBs out of the barrel, another part will be used to blow backward, creating pressure to push the bolt system/slides back (blowback). It creates a scene of “Tugging” the slider on the gun moving.

This mechanism allows performing both semi or full auto. Needless to say, its characteristic feature is “extremely accurate”, extremely “adventurous,” you can clearly feel the tugging force acting on your hands and shoulders when cock the un. trigger The gas mechanism can also be used for Sniper Rifle and Shotgun but without a non-blowback effect, the entire airflow will be used to push the BBs.

Airsoft players are very passionate about collecting GBB pistol because the price is also moderate but exactly the same as in the movie, in the game. Usually, with about $200 – $300, you are able to own a good Airsoft Pistol GBB. Off-match games made entirely of GBB are also fun and interesting.

The Airsoft Gas Rifle – GBBR is usually more expensive than the AEG, the good type usually has to be in the range of $700-$900. And even though you play Airsoft Gas, you have to accept a little more expense in buying guns, buying more gas, buying more magazines (Mag), but all enthusiasts say that GBB and GBBR is an indispensable item in the collection of Airsoft Players.

Airsoft Co2 Pistol is similar to Airsoft Gas. Co2 guns use compressed Co2 gas at moderate pressure, contained in small co2 tubes (12g) to serve as a platform for operation. Players will mount co2 tubes into the magazine (usually applied to handguns and rifles) or in the body of the gun, even in the cylinder (for some types of sniper guns).

When pulling the trigger, like a gas gun, the trigger will tap on the exhaust valve, and a compressed stream of co2 gas will squeeze into the vapor chamber, one blow to the front and push the bbs/pellets, one blow to the back to regress the bolt/slide to create blowback effect.

The recoil of Co2 compressed air is slightly stronger than that of Gas, so airsoft guns that use co2 when firing also feel better, but also have more damage to the gun. Therefore, Airsoft Co2 pistol is not usually preferred by Airsoft Gas.


Hopefully, through the article Picking A Pistol Type – CO²/Gas, Spring, or Electric (AEP), you can distinguish CO²/Gas, Spring, or Electric (AEP) Pistols. Stay tuned and look forward to the next blogs to gain more information, tips, and experiences as to Airsoft world.

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