Friday Feb 28

Pictured above are the winners of Ronald McDonald Charity House’s 2014 My Inspirational Story contest.  This contest sought to give Asian American teenagers both encouragement to and an outlet for development of self-expression and personal voice. The winners were selected by an esteemed panel of judges, which included award-winning journalists, writers, bloggers and hosts from The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Complex Media, US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly and MTV. The videos were judged on the basis of originality, content development and production quality.

Winners were along a spectrum of ages, from the youngest winner Michael Ye at 14 and the oldest (Yee Man Chan and Thomas Mun) at 18, covering topics from breakdancing and rapping to the significance of family. All videos can be watched at RMCH’s website. This contest serves as a great impetus for Asian American students to let their voices be heard beyond just their immediate community. Here’s to all the filmographers, fashion designers, and story-tellers of tomorrow!

Saturday Jan 4

6 More Days!


For all the fellow New Englanders snowed in these past few days, take the extended vacation and do something productive! For all of our younger readers and readers with younger siblings in the tristate area, there are 6 more days before the deadline for the ‘My Inspirational Story’ video contest. 10 winners will receive a portion of a $4,500 prize. Rules and applications can be found on the Facebook page. Good luck! 

Sunday Feb 26

McDonald’s sponsored “My Inspirational Story” Essay Contest Award Ceremony


McDonald’s sponsored “My Inspirational Story” Essay Contest Award Ceremony took place yesterday in PS. 24, lower East side. Host David Yi, from Daily News, guest speaker Donnie Kwak, senior editor at ESPN, and Jef Castro, photo-editor at Entertainment Weekly, were among the invitation list. In addition, McDonald’s Martial Arts Dance Crew delivered a special performance at the ceremony.

Ten outstanding essays were chosen, and amongst these ten contestants, who are all students age from 8 to 11 years-old, 3 were chosen respectively for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st prizes. 

Generasian’s very own staff members Joey Wang and Emily Q. Lu had the chance to conduct interviews with the guests, performers, and host of the ceremony, as well as Ronald McDonald and Michael Sullivan,  owner of McDonald in Queens and Brooklyn.

When questioned about the recent controversial ESPN headline regarding Jeremy Lin, Donnie Kwak, being an Asian-American employee at ESPN, expressed his shock towards the discovery. However, Kwak does not believe the intention of the former editor, who has been since fired from ESPN, was malicious; it only showed his incompetence of being in the position of an editor.

For more information about the interview, please follow our blog and check for updates of a video interview in the near future!  

Friday Feb 24

My Inspirational Story Children’s Essay-Writing Contest


Hello friends! Please join members of Generasian this Saturday as we participate at an event for a great cause. IW Group, Inc., a leading Asian Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations agency, will be celebrating the winners of this year’s My Inspirational Story Children’s Essay-Writing Contest. The event will feature the winners, who are between the ages of 8-11, reading their winning stories as well as a special performance by the McDonald’s Martial Arts Dance Crew featuring b-boys from the New York area, including international winner Jason “Chem” Ng. 

The event will be hosted by New York Daily News fashion reporter David Yi and will also feature a keynote speech by ESPN The Magazine Senior Editor Donnie Kwak. Judges of the essay contest included several Asian American journalists from ESPN, New York Daily News, Entertainment Weekly, Wall Street Journal, and

IW Group will be giving away free gifts as well! For college students, this can go towards community service credits. 

Here are the details!
Saturday, February 25, 2012
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
PS 124, The Yung Wing School Auditorium
40 Division Street
New York, NY 10002