Sunday May 4

Released: Generasian Spring 2014

The latest issue of our magazine is now available online! If you didn’t have a chance to pick up a hard copy at our launch party last week, there are many on the seventh floor of Kimmel.

What does it mean to be you? NYU students look beyond ethnicity to explore personal struggles of gender and social values.

Wednesday Jan 1

Happy 2014! Thank You for 2013.


A warm wish for a happy 2014 from Evelyn and Cat, Generasian’s editor-in-chief and editor-at-large, respectively, and the rest of our staff! 

These past few years, we at Generasian have managed to accomplish incredible things—all with the love and support of you readers. Coming back from a hiatus is never easy for any publication, and though NYU has a healthy, growing population of Asian and Asian American students, our beginnings were modest. We went from a gathering of fewer than 10 to a dedicated organization of more than 30 officers and general staff, and countless supporters online. When our founders and resurrectors first brought us back nearly three years ago, they blazed forward with a vision. Our successive editor-in-chiefs took that vision and made it their own, hand-crafting Generasian into what we are today. This year, Evelyn and I (Cat) have been charged with taking up the mantle and really defining what Generasian is and hopes to be. 

Our generation of Asian Americans has taken the impetus from the leaders of our past and infused it with our own passion and energy, truly taking the world by storm. We have a voice that will not be quieted, a mark that will be made, a potential to take a stand for what we believe in. So as the representatives for Generasian this year, we urge you all to let your voice be heard. 

We have a big dream, Evelyn and I. The unofficial hub of Asian American interests lies across the US, seated firmly in California. Wong Fu Productions, Angry Asian Man, and many other Asian American media superstars and voices hail from The Golden State. But we here in New York, on the East Coast, have a lot to say as well. Though the internet and social media draw the world in ever tighter, even blurring state lines, Generasian seeks to be an integral gear in the machinery for Asian American representation on this side of the United States.

Though our physical magazine can really only be picked up at NYU, our audience spans the globe, and we know that—that’s why we’ve put our magazine on the web for everyone to peruse and enjoy. To our magazine and blog readers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for liking, for reposting, for subscribing, for commenting—for participating in the open discussion of our futures.

Thank you for making 2013 unforgettable. Here’s to making 2014 equally as memorable. Happy New Year, everyone.

Forever yours,

NYU Generasian

Evelyn & Cat

Saturday Dec 14

Missed Generasian’s launch party? Pick up a copy of our latest issue from the 7th floor of NYU Kimmel Student Center or read it online!

Definition (Fall 2013)
Read the voices of NYU students from their take on the “Model Minority” stereotype to Ramen Reviews!

Sunday Dec 8

We are excited to announce Generasian’s Fall 2013 Launch Party! As usual, admission is free and we will be providing food and drinks on a first come first serve basis! (Who doesn’t like free bubble tea?)

Date: Wednesday, December 11

Time: 6:30 PM

Place: NYU Kimmel Center, Commuter Lounge (2nd Floor)

Admission: Free!

Like previous launch parties, we will be presenting a panel of speakers to talk about their experiences in their respective industries. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Additionally, we are very excited to debut our photography exhibition, created by the Generasian Art Team. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday May 1

Generasian is excited to announce our Spring 2013 Launch Party! On top of free admission, we will also be serving bubble tea on a first come first serve basis! 

Date: Wednesday, May 1 

Time: 7:30 PM

Place: NYU Kimmel Center, Room 909

Admission: FREE!

As usual, we have panelists coming in to speak to everyone. This semester, they come from entrepreneurship, producing, marketing, online news, and journalism industries. Read more about our panelists on our Facebook event!

Hope to see you there!

Monday Feb 20

Lil’ Kim


TIME, in its recent issue, featured the new North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un on its cover illustrated by Tim O’Brien. TIME executives have coined him “Lil’ Kim” as the title so blatantly blasts.

In the cover article titled, “Meet Kim Jong-Un,” information about his early life to his present day situation is covered. Kim is reported as being very smart and reliable, yet that his skills are not necessarily important - simply the ability to keep things at status quo will be enough in order to keep the North Korean regime from collapsing. In addition, the article features little tidbits like how Kim was an avid fan of the Chicago Bulls during his early years studying in Switzerland - so much so that he wore a jersey of Dennis Rodman around. Though this may well be compelling information on this 29-year-old successor, we may very well wonder why such a comically natured nickname such as “Lil’ Kim” must even exist. Isn’t it enough that he is now the leader of nuclear armed nation, capable of initiating World War III? The name-play is punny, but there really is no association (nor should there be) with actual ever-so-classy rapper Lil’ Kim and a dictator responsible for millions of citizens deprived of essential human rights. Also, don’t forget the accompanying words: “A look into the bizarre world,” aka the nation of North Korea.

It may be in our interest to think about what message this sort of cover sends out to those passing by newstands in both America and Europe. The nation is secretive, it’s true, and its leaders have or have had their set of particular interests from basketball to expensive liquor. But, to those of us not familiar with the nuclear arms situation in North Korea or the human rights situation there, this cover may be one of the few impressions we’ll ever have of this “bizarre” nation. Is that really fair?

Wednesday Dec 7



Only 1 DAY AWAY!
Please come celebrate our new Fall 2011 issue!!!

Food and drinks will be provided, but more importantly, we will be distributing our long-anticipated Fall 2011 issue, hot off the press! Our new issue explores topics such as who you would root for at the FIFA World Cup, what it’s like to be biracial, “RenRen” (China’s Facebook?!), in addition to some exclusive interviews with AZIATIX and JOHN CHO & KAL PENN of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas… and more!

We have also invited three special guest speakers who work in media, marketing, journalism, and the entertainment industry to talk to us about what it’s like working in these industries. Telly Wong and Ellie Lee of IW Group, Inc., an Asian American marketing agency, will join us to discuss working in their media, marketing and entertainment fields. Fashion reporter David Yi of New York Daily News will speak about what it’s like being a fashion journalist for a prominent New York news agency! See below for bios.

We’d love to see you there, especially if you’ve contributed to our magazine or have been featured! (Even if you did our polls =) you participated!). Peruse through our old issue by clicking Magazine on the top of our Tumblr.

We hope you can make it and if you can, the address to the venue is 60 Washington Square South, Kimmel Student Center (a great big glass building) and the room number is #905, mention to security you are there for Generasian’s Launch Party in #905. Please RSVP here at this Facebook event page.

Thanks for all your support!


Telly Wong is the Account Director at IW Group, an award-winning advertising agency specializing in the Asian American market, where he creates marketing and public relations campaigns for Warner Bros. Pictures and McDonald’s. With over a decade of experience, Telly has worked with such clients as Sony, Siemens, Olympus and Miramax Films. In 2004, he was hand-picked by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and September 11th Fund to oversee a multi-million dollar tourism marketing program for New York City’s Chinatown, which resulted in the community’s first-ever local development corporation. In addition to his corporate credentials, Telly’s other credits include serving as a writer for acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai and co-producing the award-winning Sundance Film “Year of the Fish.” A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Telly has been profiled in the New York Times and MTV. 

Ellie Lee is a Korean-American blogger, host, and entertainer. She has been a Korean pop culture writer since 2007 and started an Asian American entertainment site called Since 2009, she started her own web-show called, “Ellie Meets Talent,” where she interviews up and coming Asian American entertainers such as hip-hop group, Far East Movement, rapper Dumbfoundead, and other noted comedians, musicians, and actors in the AA community. In addition to her web-show, she also uploads comedic videos of life and Korean pop culture on her Youtube channel, As a full time job, Ellie works for IW Group Inc., an award-winning advertising agency specializing in the Asian American market, where she works closely with Warner Bros. Pictures and attends press junkets to interview such Asian American Hollywood actors like Ken Jeong, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung. When Ellie is not mingling with the famous, she’s eating frozen yogurt, volunteering at the local animal shelter and taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. Tweet her @ellieasia!
David Yi is a fashion/features reporter for the New York Daily News and also a fashion stylist. He has interviewed celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Oscar de la Renta, Anna Wintour, Kanye West, Jason Sudeikis, and more to Korean celebrities like BoA, Rain, Girls’ Generation and Jang Dong Gun. He also occasionally reports gossip for Gatecrasher where he’s broken stories on chef Todd English and his new girlfriend, Joe Jonas being pelted in the face with nerf balls by angry hipsters, and more. His gossip reporting has even landed him in GQ’s July issue with Chris Evans. David has written for ELLE, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, Time Out New York, People, among others. His sartorial style has been documented by the likes of the New York Times, French Vogue, New York Mag, Wall Street Journal, Bill Cunningham’s Sunday Style.

Generasian is an Asian American Interest Magazine club at New York University with a mission to unify and represent the diverse population of Asian American students across campus, by providing a common forum through which they can be kept informed about social, political, and cultural activities at NYU, as well as those off-campus. We provide the forum for students’ expression, regarding their own thoughts and matters of interest to the student body, especially for Asian American students.

Monday Nov 14

Generasian Magazine Needs Your Help!


Dear amazing readers,

Editor-in-Chief here from NYU Generasian Magazine! We here at the magazine group need your help!

We are conducting several polls geared towards the Asian / Asian American community that will be part of our fresh new magazine issue this upcoming December. We’d love for you to take barely 60 seconds of your precious time to fill these out!

Please also feel free to leave a comment with your name and email address, which may end up being published as quotes in our magazine.

1. When defining your generational positions compared to your parents’ or grandparents’, do you classify yourself as: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, Other, or do you not know this numeric system?

2. Do you think it’s a good idea for Facebook to allow users to see who has visited their profiles?

3. In international sports, such as soccer, do you root for the American team, or an Asian team associated with your ethnic background, both, or neither?

4. For Halloween, do you think it’s okay to dress up as a figure of another ethnic background? 

Also, if you wouldn’t mind re-posting this on your blogs to encourage your fellow peers to fill out these surveys, that would be a tremendous help. The more numbers we get, the better we can analyze the issues brought up from these questions! Thank you and please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!


Michelle, Editor-in-Chief
Zi, Poll-Maker 

Monday Aug 15

Our new look


It’s hard to believe that a year ago, Generasian was nothing more than a stack of three year-old magazines in a cabinet. In 10 months, we’ve had over 5000 people viewing our blog 16,000 times and gained over 160 faithful followers. With a fresh new look for our blog and new Facebook page, we’re moving forward and solidifying our identity. The new blog theme aims to bring you more of the same great content in a more fluid format. Please enjoy!

Tuesday May 3

Read our Spring 2011 issue online!


So you’ve got your own copy of Generasian but want to share it with friends? Or perhaps you’re one of our non-NYU followers? Well you’re in luck now because our latest issue is now available online! Read in full screen or download for keepsake.

Saturday Dec 18

Read our Fall 2010 issue online!

In case you didn’t pick up a physical copy this semester, we’ve uploaded our issue online for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy and send the link to your friends, family, and whoever else!