Thursday Nov 21

Generasian takes a look at Indonesian coffee house Kopi Kopi, which is behind Kimmel in the storefront that used to be Sigma Burger Pie. Have you ever wanted to try an avocado milkshake/coffee drink? Keep watching!

Tuesday Nov 12

Crossing the North Korean border - documentary screening

What: A screening of the North Korean documentary "Crossing"

When: Thursday, Nov. 14, 6-8pm

Where: Kimmel 904

Admission: Free, bring food to share!

Learn more about the event.

Thursday Oct 10

ACU Presents: NOM!

Where: Kimmel 914

When: TONIGHT, 6:30-8:30pm

What: Free food and NOM video screening

Admission: Free

Learn more about the event here.

If you can’t make it you can still watch our latest NOM video on Bodhi Tree!

Tuesday Oct 8

For this week’s NOM series, Generasian headed out to Bodhi Tree in the East Village to taste their exquisite curry and appetizers, courtesy of owner Thomas Stilling. We also learned the story behind the food from Chef Khwanruean Suwannakat. Check out our take on the entire experience!

Bodhi Tree 58  
3rd Ave New York, NY 10003 
(212) 677-5199

Tuesday Aug 13

Eat at Joe’s. Fight racism.


This is for those of you who live near the Philly area and want to help fight racism!

About a year ago, the former “Ch*nk’s Steak” was renamed to “Joe’s Steak and Soda Shop,” because the owner thankfully grew wiser and realized that racial slurs are not the proper way to sell delicious cheese steaks. The name change happened, however, to the dismay of Philadelphia’s racists, who demanded that the name be changed back, despite the fact that it is a racial slur against Asians, and insist on boycotting the Philly cheese steak franchise. 

Thank goodness for people like Joe, who decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore to use a racial slur to run a dining establishment. Help support Joe in his wise decision by attending the eat-in! For more information, click the link above.

A huge signal boost to support anti-racism businesses! 

Wednesday Jul 24

While Konapun, a Japanese toy which lets you make fake miniature food, is no longer being manufactured by Bandai, you can still get in on the awesome adorableness of konapun through these videos.

This video is a demonstration of a 1983 konapun ramen kit, complete with molds for tiny naruto and even a tiny knife to chop tiny scallions. Other konapun kits recreate everything from desserts to bento boxes, complete with tiny birthday candles and rice cooker!

Monday Jul 15

EATAKU: McDonald's Japan Quarter Pounder Jewelry


I’ve been a bit behind this month and only just discovered McDonald’s Japan’s new “Quarter Pounder Jewelry” July promotion. You see, every week this month, they’re taking the Quarter Pounder and dressing it up with special ingredients and charging 1000 yen, or about ten bucks. Each special burger…

Friday Jun 21

16 Things That Taste Just Like Your Asian American Childhood - Foodbeast

I haven’t had haw flakes in years. Years.

Friday May 17

Relax after finals with a cute bowl of Rilakkuma Curry!

Watch how to make it here!

(Source: james-because-i-dont-know, via daintypersnicketydingo)

Wednesday May 15

Another cute way to make your own omurice once you escape from the library after finals!


Pikachu Omelette Rice (Omurice) 簡単ピカチューオムライス Recipe

(via irresistableness)

Tuesday Apr 30

Hiya from London, England!



Cathy Ye is our Copy Editor, a blogger, and writer for Generasian. Here she shares her experiences from studying abroad in London this spring.

When I set out to write this blog post, I wanted to start it off with a nice picture of London, or a photo of something that represents London well. 

It didn’t go too well. I flipped all the way back to my photos from when I first arrived, and still I couldn’t find a single photo that could capture all of what London has come to mean to me. Instead, I chose a picture that shows what London looks like at first glance, but, as I’ve discovered, says little about its actual character. London is more than the touristy red phonebooths—in fact, they only exist in the city’s centre. It is more than the white faces you see in the photo—London is easily more diverse than even New York City. It is more than old, narrow streets and pretty architecture—it is home to some of the most beautiful modern structures, and its Soho rivals our own. 

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Sunday Apr 28

Chew On This: Vietnamese Coffee Culture



Iced coffee in Vietnam is iced coffee. I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill watered-down-milk-more-than-coffee cup with the orange straw from Dunkin Donuts that you down once it hits 80 degrees. I know I may sound dramatic by saying, “I haven’t taste real coffee” until I went to Vietnam, but in a sense, I did. I rediscovered what coffee should taste like—-an in-your-face, flavor-packed sensation. How many of you can say the same about Starbucks?

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