Monday Apr 9

Wednesday Dec 7

On Campus Events 12/7-9


Wednesday (TODAY), 12/7
7-9 PM
Kimmel 405/406

AATA’s Final Event

Come for food, games, and a slide show! AATA is also looking to recruit a new treasurer, for next semester. Email them at for an application!


Wednesday (TODAY), 12/7
7 PM
Kimmel 905-907

Come out to Asian Cultural Union’s FINAL EVENT of the semester, and participate in their Gingerbread House Competition put together by ACU Freshmen Representatives! A theme will be announced at the beginning of the event, and winners will get a large treat to share within each group, and everyone will get to eat the gingerbread houses after, with hot chocolate! 



The A/P/A Institute at NYU is offering an excellent opportunity to discuss current APA issues. APA BRIDGE (Asian Pacific Americans Building Relationship to Inspire Diversity, Growth, and Empowerment) is seeking a diverse group of student leaders from various backgrounds that include race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, spirituality, academic study, and socioeconomic level. Applicants with a range of experiences are encouraged to apply. The program is only open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. APA heritage is not required, but an interest in issues affecting APA communities is key. Be as honest as you can with your answers but keep your responses within 250 words per question. Interviews may also be requested. Click here for the APA BRIDGE application!


Thursday, 12/8
12-6 PM
Near Bobst Library / Stern, 70 Washington Square South

Want to find a way to give back this holiday season? NYU’s Korean Students’ Association is hosting a toy drive for Toys for Tots, providing toys for underprivileged children. Come donate your toys, used and new!


December 8-10, 2011
Great Room, 19 University Place

Hosted by the Conference Department of English at NYU, Commodities and Migration: Things Out of Place. Click here for details!


Friday, 12/9
5-6 PM
Cosi’s on 8th Street

If you speak Khmer, would like to learn Khmer, or just want to hang out with APASA, then come join them for a Khmer Language Group! 


Friday, 12/9
6:30-8:30 PM
Kimmel 804-805

Come join TASS for their Fall Finale Event! Take a break from studying and catch up with friends over dinner and bubble tea. They will be having a karaoke competition as well as introducing their Night Market and ITASA E-Boards.  


Friday, 12/9
9-11 PM
Kimmel 908

CEAMS will be having their last meeting of the semester! Watch 13 Assassins with them, and participate in some trivia games with great prizes, grand and mini. Food will be provided.

Monday Nov 28

Campus Events 11/28-12/4


Monday, November 28, 2011

Pakistani Students’ Association Presents:

Annual Eid Banquet!

Doors open 6:30 PM
Food served 7:00 PM
Tickets $6 with NYU ID and $8 for non-NYU guests

A multi-cultural celebration of Eid Ul Adha, attendees are encouraged to dress in their respective cultural outfits and eat delicious ethnic food, while enjoying breathtaking performances!

Co-sponsored by the Arab Students’ Union, Afghan Students’ Association, and Bengali Students’ Association. All proceeds will go to charity via UNICEF to help improve the lives of children in drought and conflict ridden areas of Somalia (

Monday, November 28
8:00-9:00 AM &
Wednesday, November 30
5:00-6:00 PM
Kimmel 8th Floor 

Asian American Christian Fellowship hosts Conversations with God

Want to play a part in God’s movement of love and renewal at NYU? Or just want to see what prayer is all about? Then join AACF for a time of listening and talking to God together. The topic of the week is “the life of a servant.”  

Monday, November 28
7:00 PM
Redeemer Offices - 1359 Broadway, 4th Floor

AACF hosts Stern Believers Meeting. Are you a Christian in Stern, wondering how you can be a light to your fellow Stern classmates? Or are you a non-Stern student who has a burden for reaching out to the Stern community? AACF will be joining Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s “Faith and Work Financial Services Ministry” meeting, a great chance to learn what God is already doing in the business world and how you can be a part of it. Click here to RSVP. 

Wednesday, November 30
6:00-8:00 PM
Kimmel 808

AACF hosts Large Group! Come be refreshed by worship and a message while enjoying fellowship with one another. This week’s topic is “The Cost of Compassion.” Christians are called to be loving and compassionate. What are the costs of loving others with passion, and how do we deal with them? AACF will be exploring those questions on Wednesday with their speaker. 

Due Wednesday, November 30
by 11:59 PM

Join the ITASA East Coast Conference Bidding Team!

Passionate about Taiwanese culture, big event planning, and e-board fun?

Every year, ITASA (the umbrella organization of all Taiwanese American student organizations in the U.S.) hosts a large conference on the coasts attended by more than 350 students across the nation. NYU TASS is hoping to host the East Coast Conference in Winter 2013, but they need help! Here is another opportunity to get involved in student activities and gain tangible experience in large-scale event planning and promotion. 9 positions are available and all applicants are welcome. Contact bid directors Angela ( or Kevin ( for questions about the event, board or application. Click here for the application.

Thursday, December 1

7:00 PM
Kimmel E&L (4th Floor) 

NYU Chinese Student Society and Lambda Phi Epsilon present Holiday Hoopla! Click here for the flyer for information! Take on their “Minute to Win It” games to win prizes like DVDs, T-shirts, and gift cards! There’s a chance to win a prize each round of the games. They’ll also have Chinese food and yummy desserts, as well as bubble tea for the first 50 guests!

Thursday, December 1

6:00-8:00 PM
Kimmel 904

Join NYU’s Vietnamese Student’s Association in celebrating the end of the semester, with banh mi and bubble tea! 

Due December 2 by 8:00 PM

Apply to help the Chinese Mei Society with its annual spring YUAN show! In accordance with Asian Heritage Month at NYU, CMS hosts a large-scale cultural production celebrating Chinese culture through musical, visual, and performing arts. CMS is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

-Tech Director
-Logistics Director
-Finance Director
-Catering Director
-Marketing Director
-Public Relations Director
-Performance Director
-Fashion Director 

Visit here to learn more about each position and to apply! Email for any questions, and click here for their Facebook page to check out more information about CMS and photos from last year’s production. 

Happening Throughout


Support Thailand’s flood victims by purchasing a T-Shirt and wristband! All proceeds will be donated to the “One Heart” Campaign in December. Organized by the Royal Thai Air Force and The Mall, the goal of the campaign is to provide humanitarian relief by distributing supplies to those devastated by the flood. Donations can be made directly by clicking here. Click to watch a video here.

Come out to Kimmel 914 this Sunday afternoon (12/4) at 4pm for free food and a variety of student performances!

Hosted by NYU’s Asian American Theatre Alliance.

Click here for more information.

Sunday Apr 3

AATA Production of Lava, by Edward Sakamoto


In the interests of full disclosure- yes, I am on the Executive Board of Asian American Theater Alliance, an NYU club started by Victoria Chau, dedicated to promoting Asian American talent. But that being said- this weekend’s production of Lava was phenomenal.

A little background: Lava is a play written by Edward Sakamoto, who is one of the more well known Hawaiian Asian playwrights. Almost all of his plays take place in Hawaii and his favorite topics for discussion are about the pathos of a global world (think a little of Samuel Beckett, a little of George Bernard Shaw and something all Sakamoto). In Lava particularly, you can see the ways he tries to locate transnational capital and race relations in modern Hawaii into an hour and a half long play full of nature spirits and shrunken heads.

That’s right: shrunken heads. Aren’t you sorry you missed it.

Huge congratulations to the cast of Lava! I was actually part of the casting process and had a chance to look at the whole script beforehand. And it was scary. Hawaiian creole is not something that mainland audiences have a lot of experience with (case in point the show closed to a track from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch). But Mohammad Shaker, Calvin Yao Lin, Cindy Lin (also the director!), and Jennifer Hong as Howard, Sam, Auntie Lanie, and Sarah respectively pulled it together wonderfully.

Howard and Sam are the center of attention, two travelers who end up trapped inside of an active volcano. Howard, on the one hand, elitist, liberal white “world traveler” as opposed to tourist; aware that he is supposed to appreciate other cultures but cannot acknowledge other traditions as being on part with his own. His constant belittling of Sam and preening self-awareness would have been off-putting if not for his vulnerability- his survival skills consist of his awkward charm and he knows it (as encapsulated by the shrunken head he carries with him hiking as a conversation piece! No lighter or food though)

Sam, on the other hand, is the streetwise character- honest in both his fears of the Pele (volcano goddess) and his almost crazed desire to make money off the haole tourists. AATA’s show specifically highlighted Sam’s internal contradictions, and the larger contradiction of tourism and participation in the tourist industry. Sam blames his lack of education as the reason that he sells lava rock ashtrays on the side of the roads- and white tourism for the degradation of the environment. But when he is magically cursed to talk like an educated person, all he can think about is how to exploit his surrondings for profit. 

Sakamoto’s play is not as exploratory as I would have liked. For instance why all the female characters are (malevolent) spirits (although Cindy Lin is the creepiest Auntie in the universe and Jennifer Hong rocked the Lady-Macbeth vibe of her character) or flat out crazy is a mystery that I have yet to unravel. But the cast and crew of Lava did a wonderful job making it their own, and huge props to the crew for doing so much with a small black box theater.

Thursday Mar 31



Just a reminder that AATA is presenting LAVA THIS WEEKEND!
Today at is the LAST CHANCE to RSVP for this amazing show!

RSVP now to
Please, RSVP with 1) First and Last names of all people attending 2) # of seats you’d like to reserve 3) Performance date