Sunday Dec 9

Queen Yu-na of South Korea is back on ice!

After an almost two year hiatus from skating competitions, South Korea’s Olympic gold medalist, World Champion, and national champion Kim Yu-na is back and ready! Coming back to claim the NRW trophy, Kim flawlessly skated her short program “Kiss of the Vampire,” receiving her season’s best score of 72.27 from the judges and coming out first in the short program. She was ahead of second place Xenia Makarova by more than 10 points.

Kim skated her free skate to “Les Misérables” earlier today, claiming the NRW trophy with 201.61 points, her season’s best score. Although she slipped on two jumps, she still showed her well-known lyrical artistry and expression on the ice, as well as her honed technical skills. She was ahead of second place Xenia Makarova by almost 40 points.

After the 2011 World Championships in Moscow, Kim Yu-na took a hiatus from competitive skating, making the Figure Skating NRW trophy her first competition in almost 19 months.

Kim Yu-na is next scheduled to compete in 2012 “Golden Spin of Zagreb” in Croatia between December 13-15.

Watch Kim Yuna’s short program “Kiss of the Vampire” here!

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