Sunday Jul 15

Bruce Chen Interview Interrupted When Teammate Humberto Quintero Makes “Slanted-Eye”


You could read the full story here:—mlb.html

The news story appeared on Yahoo! Sport a few days ago, I was at first outraged by Quintero - Oh, by the way, how nice of a first impression you’ve made for me? - and his stupidity. Who in their right mind would do something this racially offensive on National Television? I know some people want to make excuses like, “It’s chill; he wasn’t serious, he was just kidding around, girl!” But let me tell you, it does not matter whether this dude’s motive for his action was serious or not, his action, the “slanted-eye” gesture, is never a joke. Don’t he, Mr. Humberto, dare to tell me, that he did not know the slanted-eye impersonation has always been a grotesquely stereotypical portrayal of Asians’ physical features for centuries. 

If Bruce Chen and Humberto Quintero are great friends or even BFFs, and they fool around like this all the time, fine, do whatever you want as long as you keep it to yourselves. However, do keep in mind that, not everyone is your BFF, not everyone shares your sense of humor, and certainly not everyone likes your making fun of their physical features especially when we’re talking about race here. Congratulations, Humberto Quintero, you have successfully made yourself a complete “grinning fool” here or even achieved the publicity you had wished for. But if you hadn’t wished for any of the above, maybe you just need to control better your intake of alcohol from now on.

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