Sunday Apr 15

The NYC Asian American Student Conference is just a week away!

Come attend one of the most highly anticipated Asian American student conferences on the east coast! Organized by students from NYU, Columbia, Baruch College, Barnard College, Hunter College, Fordham University, and more, this conference will be hosting students from all over New York City.

Click here to learn what NYCAASC is all about!

It has been announced that Phil Yu of will be keynote speaker, and will also provide a workshop titled “An Emerging Idol: Linsanity.” Other workshops include:

  • "DREAM ACTivism"
  • "What Does It Feel Like to Be a Problem?: NYPD Surveillance of Muslim Students and Social Justice Groups" 
  • "Racial Melancholia and Asian American Identity"
  • "In the Line of Duty: Private Danny Chen"
  • "The Uploaded Generation: Asian American Entertainers and YouTube"
  • "But Where are You REALLY from?: Microagressions - Subconscious Biases in a ‘Post-Racial’ World"

And more! Lunch and refreshments will be served, along with a great Talent Show in between each workshop segment. Team Janet will also be present, hosting a bone marrow drive!

The Conference will be hosted in the Kimmel Center, at New York University.

This is a one-time conference where you’ll be guaranteed to leave having greater knowledge of your Asian American community, so go “INK” yourself and REGISTER for the conference now!

NYCAASC Facebook page

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