Friday Feb 10

Actress in Pete Hoekstra's Racist Campaign Ad: Lisa Chan

AngryAsianMan has released the name of the young woman who was cast to act in the political campaign advertisement of Michigan Republican Senator candidate Pete Hoekstra. Lisa Chan, a 21-year-old graduate of UC Berkeley, received a degree in Sociology and founded a nonprofit organization for at-risk youth. She also was recently a competitor as Miss Napa Valley in the 2012 Miss California USA pageant. Ms. Chan is also a part-time model and actress.

Although Ms. Chan is perhaps receiving much attention regarding her role as the Asian caricature, the “real culprit,” as written on AngryAsianMan, is Pete Hoekstra, as was demonstrated by the xenophobic political ad aired this past Sunday. Criticisms have exponentially arose as a result of the ad, directed both toward Ms. Chan’s decision to participate in the racially offensive advertisement, and to Pete Hoekstra and his campaign team for the decision to portray the negative Asian stereotype as a means of challenging Hoekstra’s opponent, Debbie “Spenditnow” Stabenow.

Check out the post about her on AngryAsianMan above.

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