Thursday Sep 25

Asian Apparel: Carol Lim & Humberto Leon




Since the 2002 birth of the undeniably cool Opening Ceremony, this sartorial dream team continues to champion the rise of contemporary fashion. When the duo is not revolutionizing the big city boutique scene, they can be found heading the French luxury house Kenzo. Lim and Leon’s style alliance finds its roots in the friendship they developed as students at the University of California, Berkley. And to this day, said friendship mixed with a shared love of clothing and travel has encouraged Opening Ceremony to lead the ever-changing fashion industry, rather than sit idly by as up-and-coming trends whizz past.image

Lim and Leon’s boutiques pay a sort of fashion homage to their namesake - the Olympic’s opening ceremony tradition. Over the years, the brand has continually curated a collection of global style with multi-national names like Delpozo, Comme des Garcons, Repetto, and Band of Outsiders gracing the roster. Not unlike the international sporting event, Lim and Leon’s Opening Ceremony gives a platform to designers from all ends of the world to showcase their abilities on a wider stage.  

Wednesday Sep 3

CA Model Final Show Summary


The night of September 23rd, an unprecedented and exciting event took place at Terminal 5 in New York City. It was the very first Final Show for the Chinese American Model Competition (CA Model), created exclusively for discovering local Chinese talent.

The show started off leisurely, with music performers and media professionals snapping photos while getting ready for the big event. Once the crew ironed out all the details, everything snapped into place. The entire show was so explosive and on-point from start to finish that it was hard to believe that this was the first time that the CA Model team had organized a show together. It was an absolute delight watching the ten contestants (and entertainers) work their magic on the stage.

Equally satisfying for the audience was the range of clothing styles the girls were asked to model, provided kindly by ANGG NY, bread n butter, Carmen Marc Valvo, Sue Wong and Felice Art Couture. The final consideration in deciding the winner of Print Model, Runway Model and CA Model titles for the judges was based on these five rounds of mini runway shows.


The 5 finalists standing on stage. Winners: Yawen (CA Model, Runway model) and Bao (Print Model). 

For its pilot year, it was an extremely successful show and amazing time for all the guests. Generasian is proud to be a part of this inspiring competition and looks forward to the next event!

Tuesday Jul 22

Thrilled to announce that CA Model Competition , one of the exciting new shows we’re covering this year, will have Jason Chen as its special guest! Enter the giveaway by liking and sharing the photo on their Facebook page.

For an additional entry, submit your original music and win a chance to have your song featured on the runway or reality show! 

Friday Jul 18

A Handy Template for Online Trolls (from Jeff Yang)

Another gem from Jeff Yang, WSJ journalist. My personal favorite (that’s seen all too often):

Finally, fuck you for implying I’m [racist/sexist/homophobic/ableist/ xenophobic], you [ethnic slur/bitch/fag/cripple/un-American foreigner, USA! USA!].”

Tuesday Jul 15

Demand an Apology from Fox News and Resignation of Bob Beckel!


The term “Chinaman” is an archaic racial slur dating back to the mid nineteenth century, with a heinous history of dehumanization and violence against Asian Americans (and Chinese Americans in particular). Yet, Fox News co-host Bob Beckel has used this slur on-air not once, but twice, in reference to Chinese and Chinese Americans. Most recently, he referred to Chinese people as “Chinamen” in a July 10, 2014 episode of “The Five”.

Fox News’ ongoing tolerance of Beckel’s anti-Asian racism, and their unapologetic airing of Beckel’s repeated use of anti-Asian slurs, is both unprofessional and an insult to Asian American viewers. 

Sign this petition to call on Fox News to IMMEDIATELY issue a retraction and an apology to the Asian American community for their airing of Beckel’s usage of racist slurs, and to call upon the network to terminate Beckel’s position as Fox News co-host.

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Monday Jul 14

Music Monday: Suga Shikao <スガシカオ>


Happy Monday, everyone!

This past week, I’ve re-discovered just how stirring Suga Shikao’s music can be. Those that watch anime may find his name familiar, as should those that like his particular brand of Japanese rock. (Those songs often have a soulful and attitude-driven sound, with quite a bit of funk influence.) What led me back to him was a compilation of tracks known as ‘Murakami Songs,’ titles that the writer Haruki Murakami has detailed as his favorites in writing.

Murakami has quite an eclectic taste, and is known for having numerous American and foreign influences for a Japanese writer. True to his reputation, many of the songs are by American artists. However, Suga Shikao stands out as the sole Japanese artist, with not one but two songs - “Kimagure <気まぐれ>” and “The Moon and a Knife <月とナイフ>.” “Kimagure,” his fourteenth single, is a quiet stunner; the melancholy guitar and voice are all that carry you along. The resultant sound is raw, giving the impression that we have struck an intimate nerve of his. This track, though calming, is emotionally devastating at its conclusion. The only hope left lies in the lyrics, which reference the rebirth of a new morning. 

Unfortunately, there is no MV for the song. I hope that those who want to hear a different kind of sound from Japan enjoy this post.

Have a great week!

Tuesday Jul 1

AP World History Fails to Learn Cultural Sensitivity


The Educational Testing Services and College Board invited thousands of teachers to Salt Lake City to grade the 2014 AP World History exams. Unfortunately, those in charge of educating and evaluating our children apparently are idiots.


(photo credit for AngryAsianMan)

The event unfolded as it had every year before with commemorative t-shirts for those who graded. This year, those t-shirts were inspired by a certain essay question involving the Chinese Communist party. The t-shirt as seen here had caricatures of past Chinese Communist party leaders and featured a crude Oriental font. 


(photo credit for AngryAsianMan)

During orientation for graders, the AP World History chief reader had made jokes regarding the Tiananmen Square Massacre while wearing a Red Guard Cap (he apparently wasn’t the only one sporting such head gear). He revealed the design during orientation and complaints and protests against these designs followed quickly. Still, the organizers went ahead and t-shirts were distributed anyway. And yes, some teachers still went ahead and wore them.

It is disheartening to see that an established and credible organization that holds such power over our education and youth is marred with such ignorance and point-blank racism. One would think that specializing in World History would bring more cultural sensitivity, but perhaps then, we must look at how we, in fact, teach World History. Looking at our American education system which is, in fact, a Euro-centric and white-centric one, maybe it isn’t so surprising that there are educators who can produce such ignorant actions. 

ETS and Collegeboard have made a joint statement, apologizing. 

Monday Jun 30

HuanDao- Taiwanese American Documentary


Hey, I was hoping you guys would check this out, maybe post about it. We’re trying to Kickstart this documentary-focusing on the whole experience of going back to Taiwan and trying to figure out your place/bicultural identity.  We’re really excited to bring some attention to Taiwan, and to the experiences that we have as Taiwanese American women.

Much love to you guys, love what you do!


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Tuesday Jun 24

CA Model Press Conference coverage!


Last Thursday, the sponsors and organizers of the Chinese American Model Competition (CA Model) held a press conference at Bennett Media Studio in the trendy West Village. Johnny, the MC, lost no time in introducing the crack team behind the operation to the eager audience. Attendees ranged from cameramen and journalists to other industry professionals. 

CA Model had been envisioned by William Yip and Kim E. Wang. Mr. Yip co-founded the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant twelve years ago, and has served as Chairman of the Board and CEO since then. Mr. Wang is the founder of Digital Art Video Inc. Together they approached Ed Bennett of Bennett Media Studio, and after winning his support, partnerships with key professionals made their idea an exciting reality. Yapster and Makeup Pro have strongly supported the competition as well. Representatives who were present each gave a short speech expressing their happiness at being a part of the team. Then the 13 models were introduced, and cameras began to click. Everyone had the opportunity to take a photo with the polished beauties.

The models with Kim E. Wang and Tanya Chuturkova of Digital Art Video.

For the models, things have only just begun. They will soon receive three weeks of intensive training in catwalk, dance, acting, fitness and holistic health management.  Then comes their China Tour, where they travel to Taiwan, China and Macau for TV appearances and performances. They will also create their own micro film, to be judged on August 9th, at Bennett Media Studios. Despite the load, the trainers feel it is most important for the girls to learn, gain confidence and have fun.  The final show, on August 23rd at Terminal 5, promises to be an entertaining affair. You can learn more about it all at

Good luck to all the contestants! We urge you to support the competition.

Saturday Jun 21

Why Emma Approved Rocks



Published in 1815, Jane Austen’s classic Emma has been reworked into a modern-day YouTube webseries Emma Approved with actresses Joanna Sotomura staring as the title role. Wait. Sotomura? That doesn’t sound white. Yes, that’s right! Joanna Sotomura is half German, half Japanese. Not only is she at the center of it all, but the series also features actors Jessica Andres, Mapuana Makia, Stephen A. Chang, Tyra Colar and Nikea Gamby-Turner, all of whom are people of color. And that is awesome. 

It is frustrating to see what seems to be a stagnation in the growth of diversity in movies and television shows. Backlash can be seen everywhere from HBO’S Girls to Disney’s Frozen. It’s 2014. People want to see color. Emma's web-production company Pemberley Digital understands that a “modernized” classic refers not only to costumes, and dialogue, but racial representation.

Sotomura herself says says, “In Hollywood it’s easy for Asian actresses to get type-cast in stereotypical roles, so to play an iconic character such as Emma is a wonderful opportunity…The fact that the fans not only accept this but also embrace it makes me very excited to see where we’ve come as a society.” (source)

The casting choices over at Emma Approved perhaps teaches a lesson to Hollywood that old stories need not repeat old practices. 

Monday Jun 16

Music Monday: Goosander


Happy Monday! It’s good to be back.

For a brief time this summer, I was in Taipei trying to fulfill my role as a music blogger, by doing some digging on the scene. What surprised me were a few bands that liked to combine Taiwanese singing with a post-rock sound.

《川秋沙》Goosander was formed in 2009. Initially the members developed their music by first writing their lyrics in Taiwanese, like poems, but over time developed a singular Taiwanese sound that has won them fans nationally and abroad. This is an intimate performance of their song 《風尾》Fong Wei, recorded in the Eslite Taipei music store. (It is the fourth song off their ‘12 album 《人造沙洲Artificial Shoal,released by White Wabbit Records.)

The song has quite a standout melody, and the Taiwanese lyrics are easier to understand for someone with just a slight understanding of the dialect. Vocalist Yvonne Ong said that she wrote the song after observing her parent’s marriage, and the differences between the past and present ways of life. The lyrics hint at the joy, sorrow and resentment that come with many years together, captured in one moment on a mountain. The wind carries the flowers along, singing, as the couple swallow their true feelings.

I hope you enjoy the new sound of this band. 

Have a great week!