Friday Apr 11

Happy Friday everyone!

This week, our fortune nudges you to take ownership of your efforts and to have assurance in yourself. Confidence provides the kick to get us going, the faith to persevere, and the fearlessness to snatch the opportunity when it finally arises. Whether you’re a discouraged self-proclaimed chef dispirited by your unappetizing carrot cake, or an aspiring veterinarian who still can’t overcome giving shots to squirming animals, remember to be certain in yourself. 

Mishaps happen, but the situation can be amended. You can still be a beginner, but the necessary skills can be learned and sharpened. But if you don’t possess the certainty of success, you lack the critical drive to help see your dreams through. 

Be the chef who rightfully earned your skills through under-cooked poultry and overly-flavored pastries. Your now acclaimed carrot cake will taste that much sweeter. 

Have a tenacious weekend everyone!

Thursday Apr 10

Kollaboration New York 9 Showcase Applications Now Open

Applications for Kollaboration New York’s 9th annual showcase have officially opened and will close on April 17, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.

Kollaboration New York, the New York branch of the national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Asian American performers, will hold its annual showcase on August 30, 2014 in New York, NY. Attracting more than 700 audience members last year, the showcase is the nonprofit’s biggest event of the year.

Aspiring Asian American musicians audition for a comprehensive winner’s package comprised of an extensive publicity package across Kollaboration’s networks nationwide, professional recording time, an opportunity to record a full-length music video, guaranteed spots at Kollaboration New York’s various open mic events throughout the year and full access to Kollaboration’s network of artist development professionals in the Tri-state region and beyond. Last but not not least, the winner will get the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California to compete in the national Kollaboration Star show against other local Kollaboration winners for grand prize of $10,000.

Showcase applications are available on Kollaboration New York’s website. To audition, interested parties must submit a detailed application and include a video link of the talent he/she would like to audition with. The video may be a past performance or a home recording. Acts will undergo a selection process by the Kollaboration New York staff. Selected applicants will move on to participate in the Live Auditions.

About Kollaboration New York

Kollaboration is a 501(c)3 chartered organization with an annual showcase produced entirely by Asian and Pacific Islander (API) professionals and students throughout the New York City area. We are proud to be part of the larger, nationwide Kollaboration movement which spans across twelve major cities across the US and Canada.

Our primary mission is “Empowerment through Entertainment,” and we are dedicated to providing API youth with a creative outlet to showcase their talents on stage. By hosting shows across the nation, Kollaboration seeks to gather diverse Asian American talent and bring their presence into mainstream media and the entertainment industry.

Asian Apparel: Eva Chen




In a world of allusive and old fashioned fashion magazine power players, Lucky Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Eva Chen stands out from the crowd. At thirty-three years old, Chen is the youngest editor-in-chief of a major fashion publication and is considered “the first editor-in-chief of our generation.” Not only is Chen the first editor, but perhaps the model for the fashion figure today. With her thousands of Instagram and twitter followers, Chen has redefined the role of an editor for a major fashion magazine. Instead of holding a chilly power over her readers, Chen utilizes social media to interact with her fans daily via her daily shoe pictures and casual tweets about topics such as Game of Thrones. Chen externalizes her fresh and youthful attitude with a colorful and whimsically experimental wardrobe that reaches all over the place. 


Another factor that is unique to Eva Chen is her Taiwanese-Shanghainese heritage. After three years as a beauty editor for Elle and eight years at Teen Vogue as the Beauty and Health director, Eva Chen is the first Asian American to hold the title of Editor-In-Chief for a Conde Nast publication. Not only is this a major milestone for Asian Americans in publication, but perhaps it also reflects the rise of the Asian presence in fashion. Eva Chen serves as an inspiration to thousands of readers and embodies the new multi-cultural face of fashion.  

Wednesday Apr 9

EXPOSURE: Kiyoshi AWAZU (1929-2009)



This week on EXPOSURE, we would like to introduce you to Japanese graphic designer Kiyoshi Awazu! 

known for his contributions to poster and urban design, was consistently considered among the upper echelon of Japanese graphic designers throughout his career, which began in the years following World War II.

Check out more of his work here




Breaking Out of the Mold: Margaret Cho


Introducing a new column - Breaking Out of the Mold. This column focuses on Asian American figures who represent the fundamental qualities we seek in role models like excellence in their fields but in some way or another are distinctive and noteworthy. This could be because they succeeded so tremendously in occupations in which they were “interlopers” or because they mutated the archetype of an Asian American trajectory. The people featured in this column have all lived inspirational lives that might not be the most orthodox and for this very reason deserve mention and visibility.


Asian American success stories are not difficult to come by. Alarmingly quick, upward mobility in certain fields is a hallmark of our ethnic group and regardless of its principle determinants; we can all (Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld included) agree that as a conglomerate of distinct nationalities, we still face all the trappings of being a minority.

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Tuesday Apr 8

Bringing the Fight Back to #NotYourMascot

These past few weeks, Twitter and Facebook alike have been wrought with incessant infighting and harmful drawing of divisive lines. Let’s bring the fight back to #NotYourMascot and show that all POCs are in this anti-racist fight together. Check out the link for a list of blogs that have something important to say about the shameful in-your-face racism still prolific in our society.

Monday Apr 7

Music Monday: Reflector


Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a relaxing start to the new week! 

Today’s song from Beijing punk band Reflector (反光镜) is something that would be really nice to listen to after a long day. It is a love song called “释你,” or “Release You,” from their 2010 album of the same name. The song remarkably captures the unadulterated feeling and sentiment of a couple in love in just two verses and one chorus. The simplicity of the song’s construction, both in its melody and the lyrics, makes its message easy to absorb. Yet this simplicity also masks the deep emotion behind each syllable; only through repeated listening does this show through. 

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why the singer’s portrayal of “them” appeals to me so much. I am certain the appeal will be distinct for everyone. This song is certainly not upbeat - contemplative and thoughtful would be more accurate. Nevertheless, in the end it imparts a positive, warm feeling.

If you have someone you want to have a special relationship with, try sharing this song with them and seeing if they smile. If you take a chance, this could be yours.

Have a great rest of the week, and do leave comments or suggestions if you have any! ^ ^

Friday Apr 4

Happy Friday everyone!

Sometimes in life, we go against our first instincts. We have our moments when we stray from what our hearts desire and let expectations of others dictate our actions. Perhaps we act this way in the name of education, the belief that it is our dutiful obligation, or maybe we are just scared of what might ensue if we do take that risk.

The next time you are standing at a crossroad, just simplify the entire process by asking yourself what it is that you really want. And without thinking any further, proceed along that path. You will find that over time, your life will be paved and shaped to suit whatever it is that you want. By customizing your life like this, by taking the opportunities that you want and pursuing the avenues that intrigue you, life will be customized to fit you.

Have a free-thinking weekend everyone!

CSSA Gala: Sparkling Years


NYU Chinese Students and Scholars Association proudly presents its 2014 annual gala, Sparkling Years. Talented students and alumni from China and US team up to entertain you with the ultimate sensory experience, featuring a variety of original shows including choirs, musicals, skits, dances, and ensembles featuring over one hundred performers from both China and US. This year, the feature performers are the talented songwriter group The Best Time (Shui Mu Nian Hua) and rock genius Van (Yichen) Fan—their beautiful performance will be sure to carry you back in time. 

When: Sunday, April 6, 2014 7:30PM

Where: Rose Theatre (Broadway at 60th Street, New York, NY 10023)

Cost: Tickets can be bought here. NYU students get $20 off. To get the promotion code, please text your name (in English) and NetID to NYUCSSA official Wechat account (nyucssa) or official Weibo account (NYUCSSA) 

Asian Apparel: Lie Sang Bong



For his New York Fashion Week debut, South Korean designer Lie Sang Bong, mingles sleek architectural cuts with vibrant colors to create an intensely beautiful Fall/Winter collection reminiscent of much of his previous work. 

Lie has always been interested in artistic work, having had been involved in theater earlier in life. He made the transition from the world of acting to the world of design after winning the Central Design Contest. Quickly after emerging in the world of fashion, he wowed Seoul Fashion Week attendees with his daring designs, which would eventually grace the closets of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna.



Lady Gaga in a piece from Lie Sang Bong’s Fall 2009 Collection.

Although his designs have only just arrived to New York Fashion Week, Lie is a well-seasoned Fashion Week participant. Having showcased his designs in Paris Fashion Week for over a decade, Lie is no newcomer unfamiliar to the world of design. Often hailed as South Korea’s Alexander McQueen for his championing of edgy, avant garde themes, Lie is never afraid to step out of any creative boundaries. All throughout his work, Lie always conducts a dialogue between his imaginative artistry with strict, clean craftsmanship to create spectacular pieces.

Monday Mar 31

Music Monday: DoubleJC


Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s song is “At First” by DoubleJC. Double JC is a brand-new K-pop group that in the brainchild of none other than Jackie Chan. They had their debut just ten days ago. Not much is known about the group yet, but their first single hit #1 on China’s QIY K-pop charts. They are similar to the previously featured EXO, since they are trying to tap into both the South Korean and Chinese market.

The song is about a guy who has recently lost someone because they changed, and is hurting in the aftermath. Agony is a natural stage when mending a broken heart, and the song gives consolation to those in a similar predicament, telling them that “everyone goes through this at first.”

We all know those painful times, but what’s important is that we stay strong through it all. Have a great week, and good luck!

Sunday Mar 30

An Open Letter to “I Can’t Be Racist”


Update: Apparently Anne Gus is a fraternity boy who attempted to write satire. Regardless, the writing is abysmal and my point stays the same.

Dear Anne Gus (and everyone like you),

This past week, you published two incredibly strange letters on Thought Catalog viciously attacking Asian women’s dating choices and then just as energetically defending your blatant racism two days later. According to you, you are justified in using racist and sexist rhetoric because—here’s the kicker—you’re not racist. You can’t be racist, because you love Chinese food, and, as a ‘strong and beautiful white woman’, you’re on a mission to save us poor little Asian women from the evil, fetishizing demons that all White men are.

Your argument is not only incoherent and weighed down with misdirected anger and confused rhetoric, what was perhaps most irritating about reading you was the fact that you truly think you’re fighting the good fight: 

"You’re all just hating. I can’t really be wrong, I am studying Women’s Studies, and I’m pretty good at it. I learn about this stuff all day, so unless you have a magically superior education, I’m the authority on this subject."

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